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HOOP-CAMPS in Czech Republic – Travel advisories for our basketball camps in CZ

Travel advisories for basketball camps in Czech Republic

General information

These travel advisories apply for our basketball camps in Czech Republic.

As organizer of basket ball camps abroad HOOP-CAMPS e.V. has to inform you about requirements of passports, of visa and provide sanitary formality to participants. On this page we fulfill these obligations.

Please notivce that we do our best to update those information. Rules for entry and information about sanitary issues can always change – also in short-term and uninfluential from our side. If there are changes of travel advisories for Czech Republic we inform you as soon as possible.

Rules for visa and passports in Czech Republic

For participants with a passport of an EU country a visum is not necessary. Players from the USA and Canada can stay for three monthes in EU without a visum.

Citizens from the USA and Canada just need a passport which is valid until the end of your trip.

If citizens from other countries participate in our basketball camps other complex rules are valid. Please contact the HOOP-CAMPS office or the Czech Embassy early enough, to discuss details and to find a solution. There can be short-term changes of rules for passports and visa. Even if there are changes after your booking we inform you immediately.

Sanitary formalities

At the moment the Corona pandemic is in Czech Republic. At the moment we advice and you have to wear face masks with FFP2/KN95. Read also our Corna information.

Please read also the governmental travel advisories „Czech Republic“ for Citizens of other countries please contact our office.

We advice to take the registration confirmation always with you to have all emergency numbers readily availible.