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Molten - For the real game

Molten -For the real game

Molten Brand

Molten is moving in a new direction - one fueled by the will to grow its own brands, to deepen its own sales network, and to strengthen its position as the world's leading ball and sports equipment manufacturer. And now, guided by the Molten brand statement, For the real game, Molten continues to combine innovative technology and superior craftsmanship to make products of impeccable quality. Molten also firmly believes that realizing its commitment to the real game will help grow the sports industry as a whole.

Brand Statement

Molten's brand statement, For the real game, encapsulates what Molten hopes to accomplish through its products and activities. It's a testament to Molten`s conviction that the real game happens only when impeccable balls and sports equipment enable athletes to realize their full potential and maximize performance.

Company Overview

As part of Molten's commitment to the real game, Molten is improving both the technical excellence underlying our products and our marketing support. By envisioning brand and product as two sides of the same coin, Molten is pushing its business into new and innovative territory. For example, Molten has developed technology brands like ACENTEC to use in product brands like the VANTAGGIO soccer ball. And by sending the message that Molten stands For the real game in all aspects of its sports business, Molten is building a reputation for superior technology and marketing, thus increasing its presence in the marketplace.

Molten's Unique Management Philosophy - The Global Optimum

Search the world for the highest-quality materials, technology and workforce. Bring together the best in order to send one-of-a-kind products to market.

Molten Partnerships

Molten is official ball partner of Federation Internationale de Basketball (FIBA) and International Handball Federation (IHF). Further Molten supports many national federations, leagues and sport events in basketball, volleyball, football and handball.

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Molten Basketballcamps

Molten is official partner of the basketballcamps of HOOP-CAMPS in Germany.