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HOOP-CAMPS Investors Relations Help us to expand the HOOP-CAMPS business and profit from one of the greatest sports concepts ever.
You invest money into a fast growing project that bears a good interest.

Business Years 2016/17

After we found HOOP-CAMPS ltd in 2015 we want to grow. We will follow a strict business plan and have the following goals for 2016/17:

1. We want to be part of the HOOP-CAMPS network to exchange sports and business knowledge from other countries
2. We set up a dealer network in Nigeria
3. We expand the business network to other contries especially African countries
4. We present a bigger collection and more items
5. We are going to open the first flag ship store in Africa in 2017

Contact us

If you like to support our work, projects and goals, please email to ir@hoop-camps.com and we send you more information.