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Peak - I can play

HOOP-CAMPS ltd is official distributor for Peak in Nigeria. PEAK is equipped with more than 20 years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing sports performance footwear, apparel and accessory under the PEAK brand. Established in 1989, PEAK is one of the leading sports brands in Asia and the fastest growing basketball footwear company worldwide. With its global headquarters in Quanzhou, China, PEAK has over 20,000 employees globally with a distribution network of 7,000 authorized retail outlets.
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Molten Basketball HOOP-CAMPS

Molten - For the real game

HOOP-CAMPS ltd is official distributor for Molten in Nigeria. Molten is the world-wide leading ball manufacturer. Further Molten is official game ball of several leagues, federations and sport events. Molten`s brand statement, For the real game, encapsulates what Molten hopes to accomplish through its products and activities. Its a testament to Molten`s conviction that the real game happens only when impeccable balls and sports equipment enable athletes to realize their full potential and maximize performance.To learn more about Molten click here.