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1985, HOOP-CAMPS e.V. was founded in Germany and HOOP-CAMPS got the most successfull European sport camps concept ever 2005, Marcus Zimmermann bought the rights for the German market and became CEO in Germany. In the same year Eric Kaigama visited www.hoop-camps.de and decided to send Terungwa Gyang-Gyang who lives in Nigeria to a HOOP-CAMP 2006, Terungwa Gyang-Gyang got part of the coaches crew at a HOOP-CAMP in Germany 2012, HOOP-CAMPS signed a sponsorship with Peak, Terungwa and Eric introduced Moreino Dauda and Rhoda Gyang-Gyang to Marcus 2014, Rhoda, Moreino, Eric, Terungwa and Marcus decided to found the HOOP-CAMPS ltd. in Nigeria

Make the most of you - even in sports

HOOP-CAMPS is made for people who work hard to make every day their masterpiece. We believe that sports and real life do have a lot in common. The path to success in sports is the same as the path to success on the court of life. Pick any area: school, work, or hobbies in every case you will find: The ones who are eager to learn, the ones who are always giving their best, the ones who build positive habits they are the ones who will win! A winner in sports does not necessarily need to be on the national team. Being a winner means accepting the challenge to reach your full potential... in our opinion this is something you owe yourself. You are the one to make it happen no one else! However we want to support your way to success by selling high-quality products and offering sport camps. That way we hope to make your life a little bit easier. HOOP-CAMPS Nigeria

HOOP-CAMPS Distributing

As distributor for Nigeria, we believe in high-quality products. We just sell items we use by ourselves. Our network of dealers grows day by day. Our goal is that everybody can find a shop with products of our producers very soon.

HOOP-CAMPS Basketballcamps

We plan to run basketball camps like in Europe. Here you can find the links to HOOP-CAMPS in Germany and HOOP-CAMPS in Czech Republic.

HOOP-CAMPS in Europe

The HOOP-CAMPS organisation was founded in 1985 with help of the Hessischer Basketballverband, a regional basketball association in Hessen, central Germany. It started with 4 basketball camps. Three years later (in 1988), the first basketball camp outside of Hessen took place in Lahr. By that time the camps started to grow. In the mid-nineties about 40 basketball camps with more than 4.000 participants per year were run. The largest ones with more than 200 participants. At this point HOOP-CAMPS e.V. was not only represented in Germany, it was also Europe`s largest basketball camp organisation. Participants came from a lot of different countries such as Russia, China, Spain, Japan, Italy, Sweden, Austria, the Philippines and Luxembourg,... These attendances are unique up to now. Although there were a lot of organisations trying to copy HOOP-CAMPS, but no one was able to set up the same numbers. As the main financier pulled back in 1999 financial issues were growing bigger. The management decided to stop the camps. Soon after this decision Marcus Zimmermann started thinking about opportunities to continue with HOOP-CAMPS. And in spring 2005 there was finally a new concept and enough supporters, to take the new challenge. On September 11th 2005 a new HOOP-CAMPS e.V. was founded in Nordrhein-Westfalen, western Germany. HOOP-CAMPS will still run great basketball camps and give unforgettable impressions to coaches and campers - sporty and personally.